Monday, April 21, 2014

Dug out a bunch of old dolls

Dolls were stored in my guest room closet --

My heart sunk when I found some with the original receipts...

A first round inventory shows

1 JamieShow - basic original -- barely taken out of box
1 Narae bjd by Narin -- also mostly stored in her box
1 Bobobie Lan -- mostly in box
1 Enchantment doll Captiva Briar  LE-40 from IDEX
1 Goodreau bjd
3 Kitty Colliers
5 Tylers

I have a few Alex's and some Genes --

I'll stick them up on Evilbay probably on the weekend....  Uggghhh!

I thought I would sew dresses or do something with them and I just never did.

I photographed the Alex's (I have even more) and got too tired to take photos of the Genes.


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