Saturday, April 5, 2014

Anxiously awaiting my new doll(s)

New doll(s) are a surprise.  A departure from the dolls I normally would purchase.

I was on Den of Angels -- at the time I was thinking about an Enyo (Looking for a small, less expensive doll that I could carry with me when I travel) -- I contacted Enyo's maker, but she is not really doing that mold any more.  I guess I missed the doll boat -- I'm always a day late..  Here's her website:  -- this was my "gateway drug" -- Enyo started it.

I was so disheartened to not be able to get Enyo -- I went on a doll binge -- One thing (doll) -- lead to another (doll) -- now I'm expecting several.   First another bjd appealed to me due to size, so I ordered that one.  Then, when I started seeing all the clothes and "stuff" for another doll -- she grew on me...  so I ordered that one (also).  Then another... Can't wait to have doll --in hand -- it seems only the clothes and accessories keep arriving (ordered from separate makers). -- Anxiously awaiting a doll (any doll at this point) -- please get here soon...... Saw yet another doll (on Flickr) I ordered a body once I see it -- I'll decide if I'll order a head (heads are $100 without wig or faceup)..... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

As soon as any dolls arrive -- I'll post here ;).

On another note -- Popovy Sisters have new dolls they are releasing -- this is killing me -- after spending all this "dolly money" -- NEW dolls.  Glass eyed beauties -- although I think I'm a painted eye kind of gal for the small dolls.  I can't wait to see these new dolls... there is a teaser on their blog.


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