Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shorts! This Week's Ad Hoc

So, this is a "quick and dirty" little number.  I wanted to make denim cut offs for Agnes.  I used (yes, you guessed it -- Ragdoll's DOA tutorial) and here's another lovely result.  Agnes has (how could we say -- a lot of Ballast).  Junk in the trunk.... you get my meaning (a lovely voluptuous rump).

I made these from the legs of my daughter's cut offs!

What's that I see?  Is that a new wig.  Tomorrow! (I'll show it and how I made it).

I always wondered why people "abandon" their blogs.  Especially those that write the content and take their own pictures.  I'm beginning to see why.  I haven't run out of things to say (not by a long shot), but I do find that blogging takes up a lot of my time.  Time I'd like to be doing (rather than talking about what I'm doing or have done).


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