Monday, September 5, 2011

Progress! Human Hair Wig

Here's what I got accomplished:

This is from a lock of my daughter's hair.  I ended up making two wefts.  I read this somewhere on the internet.  I can't for the life of me remember where.  It pertained to doll wigs.   It was years back (even before DOA and forums).  The question was asked what do you do with loose hair if you want to make a wig.

I tried it two ways.

The first one I used the Solvy (a Sulky product)-- found in Joanns and maybe even Walmart.  It is used for machine embroidery (I think).  Anyway,  I took the loose hair and placed it between a piece of Solvy that I had folded in half.  Think hamburger bun.  Solvy is the bun, hair is the burger.  I then stitched it on the machine using a very small stitch (set to the smallest straight stitch).  I then trimmed the excess Solvy.  I then wet the solvy (this dissolves it).  I added a bead of glue to the underside and used a small piece of pliver to imitate a scalp.

This is the hair, after I stitched it.  I have just trimmed the excess Solvy and I am about to wet the Solvy.

This is after the solvy has been dissolved and a put a bead of glue along the part (on the underside).  I am going to put the pliver on top of the glue.

This is the pliver on top.  (this will be the underside).  Final step.  I love the color of this hair.  I call it chestnut brown.  It has carmel and auburn highlights.

For the second one, I thought why not stitch the hair directly on the pliver.  So, I wrapped the hair in Solvy, placed it on top of the pliver and stitched it down.  Then I ran a bead of glue between the pliver and the hair.  I then dissolved the solvy.  And Viola.

Much quicker:  This is the Solvy around the hair (before it is trimmed back).  You can see the pliver on the bottom.

This is the underside (you can see the pliver)

I wet the solvy (to dissolve it) and added a bead of glue to the underside (in between the pliver and the hair)

used an old doll stand to dry them on (the glue).

The power of posting (I just leave and when I return)...Ready:

Agnes in the wefted hair:

Here it is from the side:


  1. wow i love this wig, the last photo is amazing, she looks so beautiful in it!

  2. Thank you so much Annina. As it is my daughter's hair, it's very special to me :)