Friday, September 30, 2011

Barbie Clothes?

I had figured that Agnes would not be able to "fit" into any of the fashions that were "off the shelf"  -- occasionally I've tried to find fashions that fit Agnes.  Agnes' bust area is smaller than Barbie (possibly closer to Poppy Parker) -- However, her hips are larger than a traditional Barbie's so very fitted dresses, just don't work for her.

Well, haven't you tried on a store bought dress and it fits perfectly except for one area.  I've decided that I would alter some clothes and see.

This outfit came in a three pack.  Although the pants are snug, they did fit.  The top needed alteration.  I moved the velcro on the back to make it smaller and shortened the straps.  This isn't a very good photo as her stand has pushed the top up a bit.  It fits nicely. (You can't tell from the photo).  All she needs now is a pair of fuzzy slippers!


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