Friday, September 9, 2011

A Sneak Peek!

If you were a fairy princess....  with hair of blue, what would your crown look like?

This is a look ahead into what I'm working on for Agnes.  This is part of a "fantasy series" that I eventually want to develop.  Things that are maybe not possible in the world that is, but would be possible in the world that's doll....

In keeping with Agnes' backstory, Agnes will be taking a drama class at a local theatre group, this will be one of the costumes.

The crown will require many hours of beading.  I started this crown about two years ago.  I only got as far as the shape.  Without a real doll to use it on,  it was left open ended (literally) on the back side.  Now, I've fitted it to Agnes' head.  I estimated originally -- luckily it was on the big side so I was able to cut it down a tad.  The blue pen marks are the patterns I want beaded onto it.  I will rifle through my beads and make some decisions as to size, shape and color.   (I've got a lot of beads to go through).  More about the wig next week.

Agnes looks none too thrilled!


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