Monday, September 26, 2011

Wig stand

Ok, now I'm just adding to an even longer list of unfinished projects.  I can't remember where I may have seen something to cause a spark to make this.  I'm pretty sure it's not a direct copy of any one thing, just a compilation in my mind of several things.

I brainstormed a few different things but this is what I came up with.

I need a wig stand.  Something that allows the wigs to stay fluffy (when I stuff them into a bag -- even a cloth one) they don't look "fresh" when they emerge.

So I thought about a couple different head ideas and decided to just use a wooden ball.   The ball on a dowel attached to a base.  Now, I wanted something a little more fashionable than just functional so I decided to paint faces on each of the balls.

I have somewhat of an obsession with all things Chanel.  (That was from my former life).  Yes, I've been to Rue Cambon.  I've seen Karl, standing outside smoking a cigarette.

Several years ago, Chanel did a store window with dolls.  (actually they have done at least 3 that I know of).  There were the mouse looking channel dolls/mannequins -- I think that was only in the Tokyo store.  There were some 50's styled dolls/mannequins in white classic Chanel suits with some sort of cloth/wire armature body.  And the one that I remember (but can't find any photos of) was one that had also a 50's feel to the doll.  Painted round heads with short curly Q black hair painted on.  They were wearing silver and black quilted outfits, some were hanging almost looking like they were flying (suspended by wires).  I suppose I can go from memory, but I would so like to have a photo.  The internet has failed me on this one.  I might do some research.  I did do some research.  The mouse looking ones were from 2005 or 2006 and were BearBricks.  The white suit one was a rag doll of Coco Chanel made by Karl Lagerfeld I think that was this year for the reopening of the SoHo store.  There was still no sign of the ones I wanted.

I did what every savvy doll person would do, I asked on one of the Doll Boards.  Thank goodness for Gary!  He remembered they had been pictures in a doll magazine.  I hunted down my pack (of old magazines) and there it was Haute Doll April 2009.   It was a collaboration with Fashion Doll Agency and Chanel.

Here's a close up of the doll/Mannequin

I got started.  I realize I'm lazy.  I decided I would do one to pay homage to the Chanel Doll/mannequin and I would just free hand the rest.  One will be to Milou.  I pencilled in the faces.  I will paint and seal them at some point.

I took a plank of wood (that I got for free in the scrap bin at home depot).  I then took a dowel 3/16" -- I only needed one as it was so long (also from Home Depot).  Then I bought wooden knobs (the did call them doll heads) in Michaels.  They were predrilled on one side.  Worth it for me.  9 knobs for $3.49.  I drilled 9 holes.  4 in the front and 5 in the back.  I staggered the holes.  Then I used longer dowels for the back row and shorter ones for the front row.

This is during the assembly process:

Here's close up of one of the faces

Here it is assembled with the wigs on.  I never would have guessed I had so many,  actually I was thinking I could use some as hat stands.


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