Thursday, September 15, 2011

Skin wigs -- as promised

So, after getting over the sqeamishness of the last round.  I did go on to some other wigs.

Initially, I thought: it screams "mad hatter" -- perhaps its the color.  At first, I didn't like the color on Agnes, but now it has grown on me.  Maybe like Aphrodite.

So, I thought, I would never shrink another wig.  But, never say never.  The first one shrunk so quickly, I wasn't expecting that.  For this one, I prepared the kitchen counter, used cooler water, and perhaps it was the type of skin.  It did shrink, but it was nothing like the first one.

Because of the counter color, the wig is not very visible.  It is at the bottom, in the center of the photo.  It's a carrot red color.  There's Agnes, looking beautiful (even bagged).  The bowl is for dipping the wig.

Here's Agnes in the wig, shrunk, but still unstyled:

Here she is from the back.  Yes, she's behind all that hair.  Looks like just a wig, no doll. (trust me, she's under it!)

The Flash washed out this photo, but you can see how snug the wig is on her head after the shrinking:

Then there was the white wig:

It was doomed from the start:

Yikes!  Cruella DeVille meets a bad fashion show!

Agnes tried to look dignified, but couldn't.  You can see the gapping on the side before the shrinking.

(somehow I thought I was going to love this wig and the color.  (I don't) -- I'm thinking koolaid!  I've read that white mohair wigs can be dyed using koolaid and hot water.  (the kind without the sugar in it).  I think a pastel pink or a pastel blue would be nice.  Perhaps I'll dip the ends.  Lot's of young people are doing that now.  Dying just the ends.

This wig was a disaster from the get go.

Then there was the dying.  I've wanted to try this so...

 The cap seemed to take more of the dye than the hair did.  The cap is such an awesome blue.  I realized I will have to line it with white muslin to prevent any staining.

Agnes looks downright frightened and I don't blame her.  I find this wig hideous.

From the side, it's actually worse!  Looks like it swallowed her

Here's the interior:

This wig just will not grow on me!

looking at the progression of photos, the "blue" wig has calmed down a lot since it's inception, but I still think it looks too wild!  I'll keep working with it.  (at least it is snug -- no gaps-- to Agnes' head)

I guess it's ok.  I'm going to relegate it to the fantasy series (not to be seen often)


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