Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where I am on the crystal crown!

Though, not finished, I am proud of my progress.  I found out it is quite expensive to fill the crown with crystals.  I waited for a bead sale, and I'm happy with my progress thus far.

I started with seed beading a major portion of the front/center.  I ended up hating it.  So, I removed all the beads.  Unfortunately, they were stitched on one by one and it took forever (first to put them on and then to take them off!).

I did ended up somewhat following my original rough draft.  Each of the beads are glass/crystal. I'm going to decide a pattern and fill in the remainder with tiny seed beads.  The beads are very heavy.  I will be backing this so I'm not terribly worried about this.

There's no flash in the above pictures,  the sun light off the beads (this was taken indoors).  I guess that is part of their sparkle ability.

I then took a picture in a shaded part of the same sunny room.  I think the detail is a little better.

The round beads on the bottom are actually somewhat flat, so they don't protrude (giving too high of a profile.  I wanted to use blues and greens as to not copy the ED design.  But in the end, pink prevailed. I'm a big fan of "pink crown".   I needed to work hard to not copy the design but to just allow it to inspire me.  It is much easier to do a one for one copy than to come up with one's own ideas.  If you note, the crown isn't straight across, that will make a difference once it is assembled.  I did a few paper prototypes originally (when I started this years ago).  I did also trim the center.  After looking at Agnes in the "Sneak peek" posting I made a while back, the crown gave me a Glinda the good witch feeling when looking at the lines around her head.


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