Saturday, September 24, 2011

Things I love (about Agnes)

I sat down the other day and I thought about all the things that I just love about Agnes!

1.  Her size.  At 12" she is just perfect.  She's a great 1/6 scale.
2.  The way her joints are lined.  Although leather lines her joints, it is not readily visible without very careful inspection.
3. The color and the quality of her porcelain.  For all the careful inspection I have made of her, I can't see any flaws of any kind.  The porcelain is so smooth with such even coloration and texture.
4.  Her expression.  Sometimes pensive, other times looking almost brooding.  I love her "matter of fact" expression reminding me of what I refer to as the "model death stare" -- occasionally at fashion shows they will snap a photo in which the model appears aloof almost disinterested almost looking through the camera.  Agnes' eyes occasionally looks vacant.
5.  Her super graceful hands.  Her little fingers, some separated are just beautiful.
6.  She's the only 12" porcelain ball jointed doll that I have seen that looks like a young lady (and not a child.

Of course there are things that I some times wish.  I some times wish that she could fit commercially available clothes.  I wish her feet would fit into fashion type shoes.  But of course this is what makes Agnes,  Agnes and I love her all the more!


  1. Thank you for the kind comments. The doll is the work of a very talented artist, Terri Abell.