Monday, September 19, 2011

Agnes' espadrilles (shoes)

I made Agnes some espadrilles.

And from the side:

Here's Agnes.

I'm particularly proud, as I thought these might end up a write off.  I started off with the shoes I got from Volks.  (the Dollfie people).  They couldn't fit Agnes at all.

How I did it:

I did the simple thing.  Put them in boiling water (figuring they would stretch, melt, something).  All I was able to accomplish was removing the uppers from the sole.  Some progress.  The problem was the width of the sole.  It was just too narrow.

This is what I started off with.  Just the sole portion.

I decided to improvise.  If the soles needed width, why not wrap some string around them, so they would look like espadrilles and that way I would gain my width.

So, I marked out some denim fabric (just improvised with the shape).  The fabric is actually that patch material I've been using (love it as it doesn't fray).  I then glued the upper to the platform sole.  I was able to glue them to the side rather than the inner sole since I was covering the side of the heel with rope anyway.  I put glue on the sides of the platform.  I then started at the bottom and wound the string (cotton twine) around and around.  When I got to the rise in the heel, I then cut the string each time I went around.

Pretty quick.  Just took a little figuring on my part.


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