Thursday, September 8, 2011

More wigs! (and pics of the pants)

So, this one was out of goat hair.  A couple things.  First the color was so close to my daughter's hair color, that she said "did you make another wig from my hair??!!".  I was very happy to announce that it was a goat and that I too thought the hair color was similar to hers.  I don't think she was as amused as I was.

This took a bit of trial and error.  Before I cut, I marked using the pattern I had created.  It is important if you decide to make one of these that the make sure the hair is "growing" in the right direction.  That been said.  I then cut the skin.  Here again, make sure you cut the skin and not cut short the hair attached to it.

I then pinned it together as it really slips (a lot).  I tried without pinning (not good).  I stitched it on the sewing machine.  I just used a regular needle.  It worked.  I stitched it a second time for good measure.

This is what it looked like:

I trimmed the seam.  Then, I turned it right side out and this is what it looked like.

Poor Agnes, this is worse than bedhead.  The wig is fine, just needs brushing and styling.

I'm not squeamish, but I was sort of today.  As I began brushing the wig, I realize this goat had a BAD case of dandruff.  Maybe it is eczema.  Creepy scaly skin.  Skip the next photo if you just ate:

Yikes.  I ended up washing the wig (I'm not sure if you are supposed to) -- but there was no getting that out.  I brushed gently with a tooth brush, nope.  I've got two more to do........ eh, I think I'll take a break from skin wigs.  I was happy with the overall result, but I did also find some "matts" in the hair, Creepy.
Here in Florida, I've volunteered for Locks of Love since my kids were small and we went on a Brownie trip to visit their old location.  I remember them saying "now don't worry there are no critters on the hair as hair is dead and so organisms won't live on it" .... The only thing is, this hair has the pelt so does that still apply.......Ahhhhhhhh!

It's fine.  I found no critters. But, I think after I make the next two skin wigs, my skin wig making days will be over.

Well, I decided to shrink the wig so Agnes didn't always have to look like she was having a bad hair day.  I had read (I think on DOA) that you can shrink the wig by putting boiling water on it and then letting it cool and putting it on the doll's head.

Shrinking the wig.  Was it a good idea?  Well.... Yes and no.  I did put the boiling water (that had cooled slightly) on the wig.  Once I put it in I realized, it was causing the color to bleed.  I yanked it out and once it hit the air, it shrank before my eyes, I barely had time to cool it a little and put in on Agnes' head (luckily I had bagged the head with plastic). I then put another one over it to try to stretch it to her head size.  Then I went back on DOA and noticed that another thread mentions that the skin sometimes becomes rock hard.  (I guess it won't matter to me if it does) but, no more shrinking for me.  I'll just bear with the slightly large wig!

Once the wig dried, it did expand a little.  I added a magnet and covered the magnet with a small circle of white muslin so as not to ever ruin the back of Agnes' head.

Here's the finished product.


 Here it is from the side:

Yeah, so she needs some styling and a cut -- I just liked it "wild".


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