Saturday, April 13, 2013

I wish I had more time....

I guess everyone does.  I'm very busy with work and my mom and I can't seem to find much free time.  Last week, during the late evenings, I was able to start work on a really interesting gown...

I still have the pink petal one to work on (I couldn't find the pink thread that was needed-- so I didn't want to do nothing with what precious time I have to work on doll things) -- but I somehow picked this up and was also just sitting in a pile of "some attention please" -- I started working on it and got somewhat engrossed.  The body is mostly finished but all the finishing work needs to be done.

I guess I tend to skip around so perhaps one or both will be finished soon.

It is a very simple bodice (upside down here) cut on the bias from a fabric that resembles a charmeuse however, it has a very slight lycra quality to it.

The color is the palest of lavender with a slight hint of blue (although it looks grey in the photo).

I'm working out the "top" part.

The color shows up better in this photo.  I working out the folds to form the top, the weight is just perfect on this doll.  I will try to finish the top today then add some closures and hem the tail and viola it will be ready.


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