Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blogs, Boards and Forums??

Is it me? What's with all the Blogs?? Boards?? Forums??
For me it started with DOA (Den of Angels), I joined, learned how to navigate, posted...
DOA was kind of "restrictive" in that certain dolls couldn't be discussed.  This was fine, as I understood or thought I understood their method**.  The dolls had to be asian ball jointed dolls, (unless someone had an affiliation with them -- you saw dolls such as Briar, Yslande (sp?) -- Dollfair carried the Enchantment dolls.

** I could never understand why very talented artists like Cristy Stone (xtreme dolls) or Kaye Wiggs were excluded.

While looking for Enchantment dolls, I ended up stumbling into Enchanted dolls.  The dolls from Marina Bychkova.   I was enchanted.  I got on the waiting list.  I was active on that forum for a few years; I think.  Marina's waiting list became a wish list when she announced she would not be working through the waiting list by continuing to make nude dolls.   It is her prerogative to do as she chooses.  I was surprised how many people were "angered" by her decision.  I really loved the look of her dolls.  This will sound weird but they had an alien like quality to their faces -- almost futuristic.  If it were not for Enchanted doll --I  would never have discovered porcelain bjds.  There are many "makers" now and more joining in all the time.  Definitely porcelain bjds are in my future.  I really like them.   Resin just doesn't interest me any more.  I'm sure I'll be eating those words...

I digress.  What I started talking about was all the blogs and boards and forums I used to follow.  I can't imagine anyone following my blog or all the boards for very long.  I love the boards, don't get me wrong.  I love seeing new/different dolls -- I can't get used to the set up -- I haven't lost interest, I just find it more exciting to be on FLICKR???????  WHAT??????  Yeah, I love to see the new dolls, the new OOAK clothes, just stuff.......  I must be more visual.  Is it me?  I just think there is always some drama popping up and I guess I'm too frank -- I just want to say it like it is.

Now there's Pinterest.  It's not a discussion, but like Flickr you can see "what's out there".

If not for the fact that I spent most of my day at the hospital today with my mom -- I would have posted earlier and had a photo!!  Tomorrow....

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  1. I definitely find all the boards and facebook pages and tumblr and wordpress and flickr all a bit overwhelming. I may not always comment, but I always love to see someone doing a bit of doll crafting. I just joined Pinterest on Monday and I'm totally absorbed! But I do need a break sometimes!

    Wishing you and your mother much health!