Monday, July 16, 2012

So, I think I have all the things I need

I changed my mind on the mattress covering yesterday.  I want it to look shabby chic and I think a traditional ticking would be better than the white I was planning (I will use that for the mattress pad).

I have a photo of cutting out the foam.  The "pattern" was made after careful measuring and doing the math to see what a queen sized bed would be.  It is just 2 sheets of notebook paper, but I'm glad I made it as I can measure things against it... (Made sure it was big enough for the girls, etc.)

The pattern, a piece of batting and one of the pieces of foam, all on a blue cutting mat.

My mom was so cute, she said "how did you think of all that?"  -- I told her "I don't know it just comes to me".


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