Saturday, July 14, 2012

What I've been making....

I'm still working on a doll bed.  It started out as a "shabby chic" project that I saw on Pinterest, it's grown into a full blown bed, mattress, and box spring... It's going to take some time... I'll work it through ;).  Hopefully, I'll have some photos to show.

It is still in its conceptual stages.  I imagine a white bed (of wood), with slats holding a mattress and box spring; a mattress pad, fitted and flat sheets and a quilt or bed spread.  -- You can see how this is going to take some time.

I've made a template of paper approximating the bed size.  I did some math.... a little extrapolation... If this 13.5" doll were a person of oh lets say 5'8", then what size would her Queen sized bed be.  I measured a queen sized bed... did the math and viola -- I got a size.  I made that out of paper and "tried" it out for size.  Looks good.  On to the next part.  I cut a mattress topper out of batting to place on top of the "foam" mattress.

I used some foam I had hanging around the house.... Cutting this has proved to be quite difficult.  Straight cuts, not easy.  I tried scissors, a (fabric) rotary cutter, even a razor blade.  Then I remembered in the store, they used an electric (food) knife.  Cleaner cuts.

I want to use a piping around the mattress so that will "complicate" things.  I have the fabric to cover the mattress.  It is a quilted diamond pattern (smallish diamonds).

I'm going to use a pillow case cover as the mattress pad, old pillow cases for my shabby chic bedding, and a hand quilted piece as a bed spread.

I need an exacto knife to cut the wood...  I have some ideas as to the shape... but I'm torn, where to take the time and cut just the one I want, or to use mostly straight pieces of wood as to go quicker...  decisions, decisions....

Of course I have several distractions in my life, my youngest leaves for college in a month or so and I want to finish a quilt I've been hand quilting for her.  My mom is ill.  It is her 85th birthday next month, my brother will fly in for that... I have to plan some sort of party for her.


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