Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Agnes' First location shoot!

This all started with yet another Ad Hoc project.  It is my only "free reign creative on the spot" kind of time that I have with Agnes.  I had this fabric left over.  I wanted to get a photo of Agnes on the beach in this bamboo "double chaise" that I have for her.  Naturally, she needed a swimsuit.  As this is a make as you go project, this took several iterations.  I just couldn't make up my mind.  I really wanted to make this a body suit once I started, but swimsuit it is.

Risque, not crazy.

I carefully packed Agnes and brought her to the beach.  It was very early and I woke my daughter who had agreed the previous night to accompany me.    I did one test photo and my camera battery died!  This is Agnes' first on location "professional" shoot.  It is shot by my daughter.  Better camera, better photographer!  Good natured as she is, she grabbed her clunker of a camera and was kind enough to shoot Agnes.  I set up the shots and said crazy things like "shoot up" -- "up into the umbrella"  "I want it from this angle".  A woman came by to see what we were shooting, but thankfully moved on.  I was waiting for her to say "that's a nice doll you have" (to my daughter) to which I was going to answer, "the doll is mine".

The colors look very saturated to me.  I asked her if she enhanced them in any way....  She said no, but the setting on the aperture may have something to do with it.  It is ready for a spot in a glossy magazine!

So without further delay.  Agnes shot on the beach:

After seeing this photo, I realize one of the snaps on the back of her bathing suit must have come undone during me positioning her!  She has fabric gaping on the back!!!

Any finally:

Thanks for looking!

Soon to come... All about Agnes.  How she and I ended up together.

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