Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls!

I don't usually post on Sundays but I got up thinking about this and then it happened!  I was thinking about all the "new dolls" or new doll lines I was seeing.  This past week I came across two.  I like to see what is out there.  I was fascinated when I first saw a porcelain bjd.  Since then I have seen a couple people claiming to be the "first" porcelain bjd. "True pioneers" -- really???   Terri Gold had the funniest post this week.  It was a 50's picture of a woman with a spray can the caption was "smells like bullshit".  My sentiments exactly.   Truthfully, other than Agnes, I have not been interested (nor have I made any inquiries) regarding these bjds.

This is going to sound strange, but it is the hands.  That been said, there is a large selection of porcelain bjds out there, do I sound bad when I say only two or three interest me.  I've been having a nagging feeling that I want another doll.  Someone for Agnes to take photos with, share clothes with (have like coordinating/opposite outfits) -- I've seen this done, and you usually have some left over material, it would be great to have a sister/friend for Agnes.  I think I'll know when I find her.  Maybe that is why I'm so sensitive to seeing all these new dolls.   I'm not in a rush, I'll take my time.

I digress.  The reason for this post is not only have I seen two new porcelain lines this past week.  I was thinking about the dolls coming to market and then BAM!   I got an email from Cristy Stone (she is the woman that did that AMAZING faceup on my Narae doll).  She also is introducing a new line of dolls!  Congratulations Cristy!   She has a truly lovely doll.  She's at

I don't know if its me, the time of year, the time in people's lives, but it seems that there are a ton of new dolls out there.  The more the better.  It gives the collector more to choose from.

Years ago, when I first started collecting dolls (before the internet really took this to a new level) -- I collected "all over the place" -- meaning, I have Shirley temple composition, Jan dolls, Compo babies,  an old rubber doll, hard plastic, Celluloid, storybook dolls, Madame Alexander, Gene, Tyler, Elvis Presley -- see where this is going?

I spoke with someone in collecting and he gave me the best advice.  "Collect what you like".  I settled on child dolls.  German antique child dolls.  For the next several years, I collected nothing but antique German dolls. I don't have any other vices, so I slowly saved up and bought maybe 1 a year.   (sure an occasional Gene or Kitty Collier or Tyler snuck in there) Then I decided I would like to sew for a doll, this got me in trouble.

I saw bjds (resin ones).  Again, this got me on another road.

Now, I'm off all other roads.  Now that I have Agnes, I'm really happy with her and I can't see a need to collect any other type of doll. Of course, I still have a pang of envy when I see the remarkable clothes for Barbie and Fashion Royalty, knowing that my beloved Agnes can't wear them, but I also realize this is part of what makes her unique.

Agnes, being a 1/6 scale doll is perfect at 12 inches.  That would actually make her a 6 foot tall person.  Who is 6 feet as a woman you ask?  Before you laugh (or make any snide comments), my both daughters are almost that size!  I can't understand dolls that claim to  be 1/6 scale and are 13 or 13.5 inches???  Taller than 6' 6" ??? I think those dolls should just be said to be "not to scale" or figure out what scale they are.

In collecting, as in life, tides change.  People's tastes change.  What is "hot" today, may not be hot tomorrow.  I can see the tide shifting.

To leave you with a high note.  There's a funny story I some times tell.  I was in Maine (back when we lived in New England).  Those that I have been to Maine know the people there have a dry sense of humor.  Anyway, I was in a shop of "collectibles". ( I was looking at some "antique" Nora Wellings dolls. ) as I turned I noticed a rather large display of Happy Meal toys.  Yes, the ones you get from McDonald's in the kid meals.  I must of gasped.  The gentleman proprietor came over quickly.  I must have muttered something like "I didn't know people collected Happy Meal toys".  I will never forget his words.  I can hear them in my head today.  He said "Madam, there is an ass for every seat" with a dead pan face.  I had to leave the store to prevent my outburst of laughter from disrupting the other patrons.  I smile to this day.  When I see people fall over themselves to collect a specific doll, driving the price to infinity, I think there's an ass for every seat.  ;)


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