Monday, August 15, 2011

Wig and ?Dreads!

In a round about way,  3 blogs later, I somehow ended up at Corsetkitten.  Interesting.  She has a tutorial for dread lock rerooting.  Definitely trying this for a wig for Agnes. (as I already have wool roving)  I tried googling deadlock Runway.  Feeling sure that some designer had done this in the past --( maybe it's too old) -- couldn't find any shows featuring dreadlocks.  The closest I got were some sad looking braids referred to as dreadlocks.  There's no braiding in dreadlocks.  I'm not looking for cornrows, or some might say canerows.

(Agnes in dreads!  Ooooh.  Sounds interesting.  That's going to be a LLLLLLotttttt of work..... (another project?)  Not sure if I should take on any more projects...)

I hope that someone will do them for a runway show.

Now for wigs that have "graced" the runway:

Here's Agnes in my rendition:  Although it may not look like it, this was a lot of work.  (see below for how I made it)

Here is the actual photo

It's a Native American headdress, meets a colonial braided rug... or -- An easter bonnet out of hair?

So as to not bore anyone who doesn't care, I'll try to put the how I did it at the end of the posts, so those not interested and just skip.  :)

How I did it:

First, I braided mohair.  Lot of braiding.  I've been working on this on and off.  The first post of this was probably a couple weeks ago.   Each braid was then dipped in glue to prevent it from fraying.   I made a template shaped like a semi-circle.  It is out of iron on interfacing.  Then, I realized I needed more stability, so I glued a wire around the top of the template.  I started at the top and sewed braids of varying sizes.  Then when it got to the crown of the head, the wig went from flat to 3 dimensional (think peak of a baseball cap).  Once I got all the braids sewn, then I sewed a rather large ribbon.  (You can see in the original photo, this is what was used).  It being yellow, it is not as disguised as the original black one.

Here's the back:

If you look at the center, here you can get a feel for the fact that it is not flat (like a fan)
The blue marks are just notes to myself.  (it says Up and wire)

Below you'll see what it looked like before I added the ribbon.

Overall, I'm happy with the results.


  1. ooh i love how that wig came out, very cool!!

  2. Thanks. I appreciate your taking a look.