Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Distracted (again) -- Wig this time

So, I was looking at the hank of hair that is my daughters.  A beautiful chestnut brown, shiny with natural auburn highlights.  Need to make a wig.  Hair is not wefted.  Bummer.  This takes quite a bit of work.  So then I started looking at the wefted human hair that I do have.  Uh oh.

Then, I got this idea to do a shorter wig (didn't want to cut the other strawberry blond wig that I made for Agnes)

So, here's what transpired over a couple days:

My crappy (out of focus) photo of Agnes in her pliver skull cap.  This time I added the magnet early and I also coated it with glue to prevent further stretching of the leather.  The blue marks are marking lines.

Then......  I added hair.  Rows of it... and some bangs.  It's human hair so it doesn't cooperate.

She pretty much looks like an electrocution victim.  Hair straight on end.

Then...... using a warm damp towel I get the hair to "relax"

She can't see, but the "Betty Crocker" effect is taking place.

Then...........Agnes gets a trim, so she can see.

Then............. looking from the side, she needs an entire hair cut:

I added a cloth covered wire for shaping.  and voila!

This is the final:  The wig gives Agnes a young, almost school girl (with a bad hair cut) look.

Note from the side, her hair cut:

Now I have 3 wigs to be made, my daughters hair, the yellow braid and the Marie Antoinette one!  More to come!


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