Friday, August 5, 2011

What should I use to line an antique lace skirt?

I find myself inspired by others.  (Here on the internet).  I read several blogs.  One such blog was the chronicle of making a dress out of antique lace.  I had a scrap (I do mean a tiny scrap) of an antique lace.  I had used the remainder of it to make a doll's dress many moons ago.  I was racking my brain, trying to think of what I would use to line it.  Well, my air conditioner broke.  Uggh.  When the repairman came, I was up in my "sewing room" showing him the airhandler (it's in the attic crawl space).  I was walking by and on a counter was one scrap of fabric.  I actually picked it up to throw it away.  As I had it in my hand, I was looking at it.  It was a polished cotton -- probably older than me (that's old).  It was a scrap from yet another dolls dress I had made quite a while back.  How it got to be just by itself on the counter is a mystery to me.  Long story, longer -- it was the perfect liner to the antique lace for the skirt.  It started out as an off white, but is has mellowed to a medium beige color.  It is just a tad bit darker than the lace.  Perfect.  I measured it and I have just enough.  Now, some quick stitches and some darts and I'll be in business.  It's not going to be the most beautiful skirt, but to me it is sentimental (I hate to waste -- especially antique lace/fabric) -- I literally use every bit of it.

Here's Agnes in her skirt:  (Now to figure out a top)  Her top is just a piece of lace tied around her.

How I made it:

I stitched the lace to the lining.  Then, I stitched the back seam (From the hem to half way up the middle).  I then used the "draping method".  I put the skirt on Agnes,  using a disappearing marking pen (sold at fabric stores or Walmart), I marked the position of the back snap (for closure).  I then pinned the skirt closed.  I made two darts in the front and two in the back.  I just eyed it (I could have used a measuring tape and measured it off exactly) -- I find when you do that on dolls, as with people, everything isn't always completely symmetrical and it can look "off" even when it isn't.  I marked the darts pinned them, I took the skirt off Agnes.  I did something that I've been doing a lot more of -- I basted the darts.  This is a step, in the past I would have skipped: basting.  But I find it is easier to make any adjustments with baste thread than try to get those tiny stitches out.  For the waist band, I simply folded it over (again I basted).  I could have easily run it on the machine, but I decided to hand stitch and used a simple hem stitch.   This made the stitches almost invisible.   Added a snap and done!


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