Monday, August 29, 2011

What I have going on

I have some things in the working phase, rather than wait to post, I'm going to show you what I'm doing.

Well,  I want to make a skin wig.  I have two (that I bought).   I looked inside them and I think I might be able to duplicate it.  (I wouldn't go through this trouble if I were able to buy one readily) -- unfortunately, this is not the case.  So, I'll give it a go.

I started by making a prototype wig template out of muslin.

I had a heck of a time taking a photo of it as there isn't enough natural light and my flash "washes" it out.

This is a crappy photo, but you can see what the general idea is:

Here's one with more light.

You can see my trial and error stitching.  I'm getting the exact shape of her head.  This will be important for the next step.  But if I remember correctly, you can put skin wigs in boiling water, let them cool a little and place them on the doll and it will dry to the correct size.  I think I read that somewhere.

I'm also working on the wig made out of my daughter's hair.

I cut the Solvy.  Solvy is a Sulky product.  I read it somewhere on the internet once about using it for making wigs for dolls if the hair is not wefted.  You take a thin layer of hair, you fold the Solvy and place the hair between two layers of solvy.  You stitch the hair cut away the excess Solvy, then you wet it.  When it dissolves, it leaves like a bit of a residue that hold the hair in place.  I used it once for a wig I made for a tiny antique porcelain doll.

Once I rethread the machine, I'll separate and stitch the lock of hair.

Such a beautiful, naturally shiny, chestnut brown lock of hair (with natural auburn highlights) -- the fact that this is from my daughter's hair when she was little makes me smile.  She is a 3X donor to Locks of Love.  The charity that collects hair for children and young adults with hair loss issues.  Her hair grows very quickly.  Each time she gives 8- 12 inches. If you figure she has to have some left on her head, you can imagine how quickly her hair grows!

Then, I was thinking I don't really want a long dress out of the antique laces. Because I don't want to have to piece the lace together.   I want a cocktail length dress.  I started with a piece of blue silk dupioni (this is new silk -- not the one from my daughter's jacket).  Then, I added the lace stitched it on across the top.  I am going to hand gather.

This is the silk, cut and pinned for placement of the hem.

Here, I have the lace placed as an overlay.  I love old lace and it is so awesome to use it for "something worthwhile".

I have this dress to show!  I'll post the how to this week.

Wow.  While I was up in my sewing room, I came across the most beautiful old lace.  I took a quick snap of it.  I want to do a fantasy wedding gown collection.  This will definitely be part of it.

The photo doesn't show the work that is on this mesh lace.  It is really beautiful.  Once I make the gown, I'll ask my daughter to photograph it  so you can see.

The last photo came out more "Barbie pink" than it actually is.  These a pair of Steve Madden anklets in bubble gum pink.  I saw these I knew Agnes needed thigh highs made from these.  I have done a first fitting and put black baste thread to mark the place where I'll stitch these.  I saw a tut on Den of Angels.  Let me think now, who was the poster.  -- Ah yes, MissCarrion.  I made so many trial and error (or should I just say error) stockings before I read this.  I like to baste rather than use pins, then I can slide off and everything stays put.  Great tutorial.

These are so sheer, I am going to use Solvy (since I have it for the wig).  Uggh!  Realized when I went to stitch this that I forgot to turn it inside out.  Have to start over.

Been beading:

This is blown up, it's the top of a shoe.  Going to also make a matching necklace.

Then, I got to thinking I want to make a pair of leather slides.  I took out some leather to give it a try.

I have so many "things to do", I decided to rewrite my original list.  When I did this, I realized I had forgotten a couple items.

So, my list is long, but my goal is to complete it (I'm hoping before the end of the year) -- but to definitely complete it regardless of the time!


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