Monday, August 22, 2011

Shoe me!

So, when I was doing beading, I mentioned you'd see something soon.

Here it is.

I thought of some "slides" I have.  These are a few years old and by Oscar de la Renta.

Well, the only thing they have in common is that they are both slides and they look like linen.  Yes, the Oscar ones have a lot of detail and style.  But, I'm still happy with Agnes' version.

How I made it:

I cut out "tops" from that cool iron on patch material that I got from Walmart.  They looked like half moons with notches.  Then I sewed on the sequins.  The pearls are tiny so, they had to be hand strung (no needle).  One at a time.  Labor intensive.  Here' a photo of the front and back.

The white "half circles" are muslin.  I used that to line the inside of the shoe (upper).  I used an iron to fuse the muslin to the underside being careful not to cover the notched section.

Then I cut inner soles out of super thin cardboard.  I used an iron to fuse some more of that patch material to it.  I cut out two leather soles.   Here are the leather outer soles and the fused inner sole.

The top are the leather outer sole (right and wrong side), the bottom is the inner sole.  One side has the fusible patch material (looks linen like), the other side is the plain cardboard.

I then folded the tabs from the top (beaded part) around the toe of the innersole and glued each tab separately.  Once I finished attaching the top of the shoe to the innersole, I glued the innersole to the suede side of the leather.  I finished around the edges of each shoe by adding extra sequins and beads so the top would be pretty much covered.

Here's a shot of the bottom (sole) of the shoe.

So there you have it.  Oh, I also made a little shoe bag.  It is made out of bleached muslin with a draw string and it has a tiny shoe applique.  (I just stitched the applique on -- by hand).  These are scrapbook embellishments (pretty small)  -- fabric that has been machine embroidered.  I think I got them at the store Tuesday Morning.  (lots of odds and ends in that store).

I was about to post this and I thought, what's missing?  A pic of the shoes on Agnes' feet!

and here are the close ups!

And from the side:

Tah- dah!

I hope to do another "location" shoot of Agnes this week... Stay tuned!


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