Thursday, August 25, 2011

A look behind the curtain!

Late posting today.  We were expecting a Hurricane (it seems to have missed us) yay!  My mom needed some help this morning, so I was with her.

You'll see by the photo why I don't let people see my "work space"  -- It's a mess!  I've taken over the dining room table.  But that will need to be "packed up" this week.  I love spreading out.  Any flat surface is taken over by Agnes and her "stuff".   Agnes is is the center of it all literally.

I'm "working" on getting an antique lace dress together for Agnes, so I had my laces out.

Here are the new soles I'm trying out on shoes for Agnes.

The green ones are cardboard inner soles and the black ones are  that iron on patch material.  I'm trying to figure out how to have her shoes not look as bulbous across the front.  Maybe one of these will have "backs" -- or there is always the sling back -- just want to change it up.

I have a jacket that was my daughter's.  She never wore it.  It got sun damaged in her closet.  It's silk dupioni.    I'm going to cut it up for Agnes:

I think I can salvage enough off the back for a gown (that's what I'm hoping anyway).

Had a thought last night how I would like to make a necklace.  I woke up and drew a quick and dirty sketch.  I hope to finish it by next week.


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