Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's coming....

Literally.  I have stuff on order and can't wait for its arrival.

I've got 9 pairs of shoes (I get a little obsessive) coming.  How it happened:  I emailed mimiwoo.  For those of you with bjd's, mimi is the master for shoes.  Reasonable prices, interesting styles.  It was about 2 in the afternoon here in Florida.  That's 2:00 am Hong Kong time.  Imagine my surprise when I got a response!!  I emailed her with the size of my doll's foot and she gave me several suggestions!  I had to order some (on principal).  I ordered 3 pairs.  Post from Hong Kong takes a long time.  I've ordered from mimi before.  In the past, I have been very happy.  She's at

As I  mentioned a couple days ago, I also contacted Volks.  The reason for this: I had seen on one of the doll boards that someone had her doll in Volks shoes.   I think it was Terri Gold's blog (love that blog).  Volks is Volks.  I gave them the dimensions of my doll's foot.  I asked them if any of their shoes might fit my doll.  They responded that their shoes are made and marketed specifically for their own dolls.  (Isn't that true of all doll companies that make doll shoes?).    I had given them an example of the shoes I was referring to -- shoes I had seen on their website.  They claim as the shoes have different dimensions all they could tell me was the dimensions of the sample shoe I mentioned.  Maybe it is just me.  Ok, I could understand if there was a language barrier.  This is their LA store.  I've "heard things" about Volks in the past, I guess this is where they get their reputation.   I begrudgingly ordered the shoes.   Surprisingly, the shoes are super cheap!   Postage was almost more than the items.  I ordered 6 pairs.  Shoes are $2, or $3 each.  The postage was $13!  (Is that from LA to Florida?)  They must take into consideration the stuff is coming from overseas.

BTW, I saw a photo (on Volks' website) of their doll in the shoe and it does NOT fit the dolls foot.  It looks like she is wearing another dolls shoe that's how big it is.   I'm not bitter (I'm bittersweet).  Enough about them.

On to my other items.  I, of course,  had to order the pocket book of the month.  Marc Jacobs.  That's coming.  Love their work.

I had also seen on another board, someone mentioning about doll furniture.  It looked so good, yes, I ordered that too.  The furniture doesn't match anything I already have, but so what.  I'll go for the eclectic look.  I have a chair coming.  I guess this company normally makes doll house 1/12 scale, but they have a new line 1/6.  I'm not sure how Agnes will fit, but I'm willing to try.

There's one more LV bag that I want.  I can't bring myself to order anything more... When all these packages start arriving...

So as soon as stuff arrives, I'll post!

Here's a picture of some of the bags I have so far:

I took these out.  I keep each one in its own separate cloth dust bag:

I hate to post without any photos (even if mine aren't good) ;)


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