Monday, August 8, 2011

Shoes to Choose -- Accessories

So, Agnes' feet can be challenging.  I need to find very wide shoes.  I remember hearing about a young model who was not doing very many runway shows, someone asked why and was told it was her feet.  Unbeknownst to most lay people, when designers have their show, the shoe isn't there to fit the girl, the girl is there to fit the shoe!  Yes, there have been many mishaps with shoes flying off girls, girls falling out of/off their shoe, even girls taking off their shoe.  (Ever wonder why?  The designer will have maybe three sizes if you are lucky 39, 40, maybe 41)  European sizes that equate to 8 1/2, 9 and 9 1/2 or 10.  That's it.  So if the model wears a 7 1/2 she can only hope to get the 8 1/2 but some times her outfit lands her in the 9.  If the model is an 11 or a 12.  Good luck.  Even if she gets the 10,  her feet are going to hurt!  The show itself only lasts maybe 7 minutes of walking on the runway -- tops -- that's actually an inordinately long time, but it is the line up (when the girls are back stage in their outfit/makeup lined up to wait for their turn to take the stage (walk the show) and this can be close to an hour!  I digress.  Back to feet and shoes to choose.

I needed something simple.  But somewhat fancy.  This shoe was inspired by a simple Anne Klein slide that I own.  Below, the photo.  Simple beads, leather, silk.

This is the version I made for Agnes:  It is leather, beads, wire, iron on patch material, and thread.

Here's the sole of the shoe, you can barely see the little heel outline.

How I made it:  (if these get too boring, someone please tell me!)
I molded the insole (leather) to her foot by dampening it.  Then I marked the toe "hole" using a big needle.  I strung beads (8 of 'em) Twirled the wire to make a flowery do (just a circle of beads really).  Then I took the twirled wire and inserted it into the leather sole.  Covered the extra bare wire with another small piece of leather glued it down. (this is now on the bottom of the shoe).  Then, I strung beads on a thread (2 rows of 20).  Stitched them down to some cool iron on patch material I got from my local Walmart sewing dept.  I folded that in like a trifold and ironed it flat.  I attached the ends to the sides of my molded leather sole by ironing it to the leather.  Add an outer leather sole, that will cover up my glued down pieces.  (this I glued on)  Add a small cut semi-circle of leather for a heel (glue that).  Viola!  (I had some set backs along the way-- I'm happy now, why mention them).  These shoes remind me of the Stephen Bonanno sandal/slide.  Said to have been made for none other than Jackie O. herself when she would visit PB Island.  I love those sandals.  I have several pairs.  Comfortable and sturdy.

Here are Agnes' Sandals/slides on her feet:

The challenge is having something that looks somewhat dainty.

I might have to try the Coco Chanel trick.  She made those shoes (that so many have copied) with the black toe box.  The shoe is one color except for the last 2 inches where the toes are -- and that is black. That was to camouflage the long foot.  I need black on the sides to camo the wide foot.  ;)

Here's a pair of casual thongs I made for Agnes.  I have to chuckle.  Remembering a card I once read, "at your age, thongs are something that should only be worn on your feet".  Being in Florida, (especially when I'm down in Miami -- and I see some of those bikinis -- I think of that card).

These are leather with a cork sole.  Good for getting around!

I'm thinking she's a Ugg Boot kind of girl or Tevas.  Comfort over fashion.  Maybe some Crocs!  (This is not meant to offend any one).  I have all these footwear choices in my own closet.  My older daughter does call them fashion suicide -- what does she know?

I saw that MimiWoo has boots that may fit Agnes.  I've tried Volks and Mimiwoo.  I think Misaki might??  Typical bjd shoes don't "fit"  It's not like fashion doll shoes that generally fit exactly.  So... maybe I just need to get used to this fact.  I'm going to try a few and see.  Volks shoes are surprisingly inexpensive.  (I may take a razor to them if they are too long!


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