Saturday, August 20, 2011

Diorama Drama!

All right, I'll admit it.  I see these gorgeous dioramas and I think... HUH??  How did they do that?  It's a dream of mine (I'm a dreamer) -- I would so love to build a diorama.  When I finish wardrobe making -- I'm going to rush headlong into room/scene building.  I want to build, photograph and document my dioramas.

Here I was thinking my title was such a cute play on words.  Only to realize there is a group on Flickr with the same name.  I'm wondering if I saw it and it was somewhere in my subconscious, or if its a coincidence and Diorama Drama just goes so well together.

Now for the title.  Who knew?  What?  This is going to be SUUPPPER challenging for me.  I got a book from the library and I'm researching rooms.  Bedrooms for now.  I'm also researching furniture.  I remember seeing ( I think it was out of Mexico,) someone who made wooden and modern Barbie and Fashion Royalty furniture.  I could kick myself as I thought I had book marked it, now I can't find it anywhere.

Now, I looked at my stash and I have a TON of chairs.  I have a "thing" for chairs.  I have a whole bunch of chairs.  Too many I'm sure.  I'll need to incorporate them as I don't want to get rid of any ;)

(Hey I can use one in a bedroom, some in the kitchen, some in the dining room, one or two in a living room) ...

Take a look at the chairs:
What was I thinking.  Ok, so the two in the front match (in style) but not color,  I can probably work those into a room.  The two in the back are different colors/styles.

And more.

Looks like Agnes is waiting for someone to join her.  Dining chairs?
And more,

I liked that chair so much, when I saw it in leopard, I couldn't decide if I should get that and return the pink.  I kept both!  Pink though?  I bought the Barbie couch that was pink, now there would be too much pink in a livingroom.  Maybe I can use one in a corner in a bedroom.

And the last of the chairs

This is an ornately carved wooden chair with a burgundy fabric seat and back.

I think this one goes to the vanity of a bedroom.  Or I guess if I had more, I could use around a dining table.

Oh no, just remembered, I have yet another chair on order........  The attack of the chairs.


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