Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My latest Ad Hoc project

I had some trim.  When I was looking for some yellow ribbon to make the crazy braid wig, I came across this tulle and flower trim.  I just thought it would make a nice top to a dress.  Initially, I thought a day dress.  Then I decided something more "out there"  I thought a tutu skirt, but something on the long side.

It took me about an hour total, because I'm not a seamstress and I'm deciding as I go.  Someone quick could probably whip it up in no time.  It looks simple, let me explain what I did:

How I made it:

Materials list:  Tulle/flower trim.  This was inexpensive.  I think I got it at Walmart.  I roll of it is probably $2.  Tulle -- just the regular nylon matte tulle.  JoAnn fabric $1+ a yard.  1 1/2 yards total.
Yellow ribbon. (left over from the yellow wig).

The skirt was easy.  It is 1 1/2 yards of tulle, folded in 4 lengthwise.  Half and then half again.  That prevented a "raw edge" at the top.  I then ran a loose straight stitch and used this to gather the tulle.  I added a ribbon.  This I sewed to the inside waistband, did so by hand.  I find it easier when stitching gathered fabric.  This is the way the skirt is put on.  Similar to an apron.  If you see in the photo, under her arm, the bow from the skirt is peeking out from behind her.   I trimmed away the excess tulle.  I'm not good at cutting straight -- I should have stuck with the rotary cutter for this.  But, I scissored it.  As it is 4 layers of tulle, it is not particularly transparent.

For the top.  I measured the width of Agnes' shoulders then I added 1/2 inch to account for the cinch/stitch I placed in the center.  This formed a "V" shape with the trim.  The tulle that is up around her shoulders/ neckline is part of that original trim.  For the bodice, I took a piece of tulle I gathered/pleated it and stitched that in place at either side -- forming what looks like seams (under each of Agnes' arms down to the waist).  I made the tulle piece go around Agnes (similar to a tube top).  I secured it in the back by adding snaps.  Of course, the tube top wouldn't stay up as it has no elastic.  I then attached the original V shaped cinched trim to the front of the tube top bodice, allowed the trim some slack so it would fall on Agnes' shoulders (instead of looking like true straps).  Then I secured the trim to the back (thus forming the sleeves).

Agnes is wearing her beaded slippers!


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