Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stuff I've made recently

This is the stuff I've made recently:

A necklace.  This was the thing I thought of as I was waking up one morning.  I quickly wrote it down and I'm glad I did because when I got to it, I forgot how I "thought it would work out".

(Now I know why people hire professional photographers) .  The sun hitting this necklace gives you an idea of the beauty of these beads.  They are translucent with an opalescence.  I got them in New York.  At my favorite bead place.  Beads World (it's on Broadway or maybe 6th Ave).

How I did it.  I took two needles each with a doubled nylon thread.  I first went through the crab claw latch.  Then I strung 5 beads using the two needles.  (with the thread doubled, there are 4 threads running through those first 5 beads), then I split off.  Strung 5 beads on each of the needles (now there two parallel rows of 5 beads, each with only 2 threads running through them).   On the 6th bead, I string both needles through that bead (all 4 threads run through that bead) This cinches the necklace -- so I repeat that pattern 5 times (why 5 -- I just like the number as one will always be "in the middle") and then I finish up by stringing both needles through the last 5 beads.  It gives the necklace a scalloped look.

It was pretty simple.  I think I'll try this again with a fancier bead as the cinching bead.

I got a real kick out of this.  I was using these beads to make a pair of beaded slippers.  I was at the doctor's office with my mom.  While waiting, I took out my beading (for my downtime).  I just love the look on people's faces.  It starts out with "Oh, what are you making" -- and I look them dead in the eye, with a slight smile and say "oh, they are going to be beaded slippers for a doll" -- people just don't know what to say ... They mutter "that's nice" or "oh really".  I just smile and say "yep" (secretly, I laugh to myself).  People look dumb founded.

I'll post those as soon as I'm finished.

Tomorrow, I'll post my latest Ad Hoc project.

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  1. haha yes i can imagine people's faces, i think it's just the last thing they expect, that someone would make tiny things for a doll. it's funny ;)