Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ever so casual Agnes (and more shoe drama)

Agnes just hanging out.

The more I look at this wig, the more it reminds me of a bad hair cut on a school girl.  :)  Got to work on a different wig...

Oooooh..   I got the shoes from Volks yesterday.  Very nice shoes really.  Problem, they don't fit.  I feel like we are in a reverse Cinderella situation.  I have the feet, now I need to find a shoe, any shoe that will fit.  The shoes are vinyl (not plastic), so I'm wondering if there is anyway by heat or chemical that I can soften them and "refit".  I might try a pair or two.

Poor Agnes, even Barbie is having better luck!  (one of the pairs almost fits Barbie!)

In theory,  these shoes look like they could be changed.

The other two pairs.  Not going to happen.

I guess it's like getting to an awesome shoe sale and finding everything but your size!


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