Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fabric arrival! New stuff pics.

Last Friday, my lycra mesh fabric arrived from NYfashioncenterfabrics.  I'm not sure how I found the website.  Maybe I was googling lycra mesh.  Having never ordered from them, I thought, I'd take a chance.  I'm very happy with it.  The prices and the quality are both very good.

If I remember correctly, the minimum was 1 yard.  There were a plethora of colors to choose from.  I can't remember, maybe 20 or more.  I got the silver (it is more of a gray, but that is what I wanted -- I didn't want a metallic), the black and blush.  The blush is more pink/mellon than I expected, (very vibrant) but I love the color.  In the old days, they would have called this shrimp.   If you have something that you want to match (I suggest ordering a swatch).

Here Agnes to show how sheer this fabric is.

With September on the horizon, I figure I should have more free time on my hands.  So, I also ordered some goat hair and some sheep skin.  I want to try to make natural wigs.  I have an idea in mind.  But, it is definitely trial and error.  I'm happy with Agnes' wigs and I still have that lock of hair from my daughter that I need to weft but I did want some natural skin wigs.  I was hoping that Anji's wigs would start up again, I tried to contact her a while back, but I haven't heard from her.

It arrived yesterday!  I got these from Dollmakers Journey.  They have a website Dollmakersjourney.com.  It was my first time ordering from them.   Super speedy.  Really love the skins.  Large, really nice.  I ordered the smaller pelts.  Great prices.  Great stuff!

Here's a pic of Agnes with the skins.

Big day yesterday!  Shoes arrived.  They are from Mimiwoo.com.  I love their stuff.  Great prices and really cute styles.  Very current.  I even have another package at the post office (hope it's my chair).

Well, Agnes was able to fit into one pair!  Victory of sorts.  These boots remind me of Uggs.  It gives her a young look.

Just got back from the post office, this morning.

When I took pictures, I should have used a lighter color dress.  It's not that important.  It was was my chair!  As you know, I love chairs.  This chair is very nice.  It is from EBay.  I know everyone refers to it as EvilBay.  But how else would a Shanghai company do business here in the states?  I've been to Shanghai -- trust me it's easier to get it from the net!

The chair would be perfect in a study/library.  I really want to get started on dioramas...  There are clothes, wigs, accessories, shoes, (pocketbooks -- those I have covered) -- want to do linens and textiles for a "home" for Agnes.  (I'll need furniture, home accessories, flooring, wall covering... see where this is going ;)  My creative juices are past overflow.  I think I'm at flood.  Wish I had more time, but life beckons.


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