Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Material girl & New Pocketbook

I ordered some lycra mesh spandex material.  I think a lot of people are using it for sleeves and necklines.  I can't wait to see what I got.  I ordered it on line.  It is a new supplier -- never ordered from them before.  I tried to buy it at JoAnn fabrics.  Ahhh!  I don't know how the store near me is staying in business.  The employees are downright unpleasant.  I asked one of them if the mesh material would be reordered.  She assured me that it already had been and would be in "any day now" curt, but seemingly efficient.   Two weeks went by, I asked another employee who told me that it used to come in 3 colors, now, all we have is white -- and no we probably won't get any more.  Well, at least she was pleasant.   Also, my daughter is in New York.  She was at a flea market and she got me some old lace.  (love that stuff -- I want to make a dress -- ).

I found an old petticoat that I had cut up long ago.  There's enough for something splendid.

Forgive my flash.  It is the only shot that shows the old lace on the end.

Oh, yesterday was package time!  I know some people have asked about the pocketbooks.  I'm not sure how I got on that pocketbook list a few years back.  I'm going to send the lady an email today and pass on that info.

These photo do not do justice to this bag.  It is fabulous.  One of my all time favorites.

I took both photos from above.  So, for more detail, I lay the pocketbook down on its side

The photos look a little better.  These are taken with my daughter's point and shoot.  My point and shoot stinks.  I don't really know how to use the DSLR and I'm not sure if she would let me :)


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