Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crazy Red pants!

Yes, I loved that DOA tutorial by Ragdoll that much.  I didn't think that I have enough time/space to make more than one of any given item, but I did love that tutorial.  Ragdoll (the person who wrote the tutorial) was kind enough to ok my mentioning it.  So, in between the other 10 or so projects I have brewing in my mind, every once in a while, one just "pops out" -- I concentrate on that for a little then I move on.  Yesterday was red pants day. I usually make stuff at night.  I photo it in the morning.  I then post it to this blog :)

The red pants are going to be my flash pants.  I remember in the 80's there were these metallic/ lycra jeans that everyone had.  Gold, silver, fuschia, turquoise -- those were the days :)  They were so tight, they looked painted on.  Then, in the 90's my kids watched the popular tv show, Arthur.  On one of the episodes, the girls wanted Flash pants.  Being a cartoon, you never saw what an actual flash pant would have looked like, I imagine them to be like this!  Bright and bold.  Definitely make a statement.

Maybe it's my eyesight or just my bad photography.  These pants look so much better in person than on the computer.

Now that I've made 2 pairs of pants, I had another thought.  Leather pants.  I have some really supple extra thin lamb skin and it is perfect for a pair of pants!!  Add it to my list.  I made a top out of it.

I wet the leather, covered Agnes in Saran wrap, Stretched the damp leather over her torso, let it dry, folded over the top seam and stitched it.  Stitched the back and added snaps for closure!

That's all for today!


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