Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I got a little freaked out today

I remember someone saying "are there any original ideas?"  -- I immediately thought, of course there are.  Man has free will, we come up with ideas, of course they are "our ideas" -- I remember hearing that bands won't listen to tapes sent to them, lest they are later accused of stealing music and directors won't read scripts from "no names" for the same reason.  I thought, how ridiculous, then I had this freaky thing happen to me.

Yesterday, I bought a used book with the thought I'd like to make a fairy house/ miniature out of it.  I even thought I could put a "door" on the spine of the book....  -- today I saw something that had been posted on the internet only 5 days ago, it was a series of books, glued together and attached to make a fairy house -- how freaky is that.  I remember thinking well, there's no such thing as a book fairy, but I just like the idea,  I thought of stacking pages, gluing them together and carving furniture out of it....

There's the tooth fairy, there are woodland fairies, but no book fairy.  This brings me back to... are there any original ideas... or has someone, somewhere already thought of your idea, making it not really yours??


  1. YES!!! I did a blog post about it. I can't say they stole the idea, because I had never posted it. An orphan girl, daughter of a prince who was raised in the Swiss alps. Seriously? That specific? But a commenter encouraged me and reminded me that I will put my own spin on things, so go for it! I want to see your fairy house!

  2. It is so weird when this happens. As it has happened to me (and to you) -- I guess it happens more than one might think. When I see "copies" I will always wonder now -- wonder who thought of that first.