Monday, June 11, 2012

I feel like the cloud is lifting!

Finally, things aren't as bad.  Today I went to the post office and retrieved the package they claimed to have delivered on Saturday.  All the clerk could say was "Lucky it was here".  Fine.  I'm over it.

I've had a strange twist of desire/fate...  I have a very odd fascination with fairies.... Yes Fairies.  Perhaps it started with the making of the petal dress that I'm in the process of doing...  Maybe it was something else...  Anyway, I want to make a fairy house (of course I have more on my plate than hours in the day, but I'm just letting the idea swirl around in my head.

I don't know what's gotten into me.  Maybe it is early empty nest syndrome. 

Speaking of empty nest, I'm feverishly quilting the quilt I hope to send her off to school with but the quilting is very time consuming.... much more so than I imagined.  I want to get it all quilted and then bound before mid-August ... just before she leaves.

Back to my fairy thoughts....

I was thinking a "book fairy" -- hollowing out a book and making all the furniture out of the pages....
Then there was a seaside fairy -- make something that looks like a sand castle with shell/coral furnishings
Then I thought maybe forest fairy (traditional with pine cones, etc.) but I just can't decide.  Maybe I'll make up some rough sketches....

How fun it would have been to make a small woodland fairy house out in our backyard when my girls were young... never thought of it.  Wish I had!  (I could wait for grandchildren but who knows what my eye sight will be like by then!)

Promises of posts with pictures!!!!


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