Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hope to have some news within the next day or two

GREAT NEWS!   I GOT ANOTHER ADDITION TO MY COLLECTION.  Her's has been a difficult journey you can read about it below.

I'll have more photos tomorrow.

I cannot believe the turmoil with this doll....  I took her out to take a photo for my blog and heart break and disappointment, her upper leg joint where the rod is inserted shot out and the leg fell to the ground, breaking..... Ugghhh.  My heart just sunk and I began to cry.  It started off as being the happiest day to being the saddest all in a few minutes...

She is now on her way back to her artist.  It seems I will again have to wait...

Her history was filled with ups and down.

I've been waiting (patiently) -- and I think I might burst when I finally get this little gem in my hands!  I'll post photos, I'm already doing some planning.  This started on May 9th or so and I had no idea it would take this long... Worth the wait...


I had started writing this yesterday.  I found out today, it was not meant to be.  It seems she will be going back to her artist and won't be coming to me.  Very sad...  There seems to be some snag in the delivery which we can't figure out yet.   Luckily today is my daughter's graduation so I have much to look forward to.

Things just haven't gone well for me, so I should just accept that it isn't to be.

I returned home very late from my daughter's graduation only to find that a slip was left by my mail lady.  (The post office arrived at my house after 5:00 pm) -- as I didn't leave until 5:20...  It is a long weekend here, so I have to wait till Tuesday to hopefully get her.  Now I pray that she hasn't been damaged.  She's been in transit since May 9th!

It was the weekend, then a holiday (memorial day).... I waited (and prayed she wouldn't be damaged) -- this has happened with my post office before and it was an antique doll.... ughh

The local post office are idiots.  They said that the package was not addressed correctly and it would have to be returned to its original sender.  I think they thought that they were sending it back to the originator -- but the only American address was mine and that's where they sent it.   That's what they put in the tracking system -- being returned to sender.

As the post woman handed over the package, she plopped it on the counter from above.   I gasped and said "it's fragile" -- she just looked at me and said "it's packaged" -- absolute idiots.  I was so afraid that the fragile/delicate fingers would be broken.   I was so relieved when she was undamaged.  I emailed the artist letting her know she was fine....  (How was I to know the leg incident was still to happen)...


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