Thursday, July 28, 2011

So many steps!

Ok, so I knew this wouldn't be an easy dress and that it was going to take some time.  I also realize I'm pretty impatient.  I really hate waiting between steps.  I find myself wanting to work on some thing (else).  After making several layers,  I began to wonder if I had enough (layers).  I made an underskirt to attach the layers to.  It is like a gossamer fabric, but it is of polyester.  I did some measuring and I'm way off.  Not enough... really???

Drudgery.  I have to go back, retrace templates, cut fabric, pink, apply sparkle... The sparkle is in three stages.  One stage for each color.  My WHDD (would have done differently):  I would apply the lightest color first, then layer each darker color.  The sparkle is an ultra fine glitter that looks more like dust. (really a pain to work with).

I was a little disappointed with the progress and to make matters worse, my eldest daughter commented "cheap copy".  This is a little inside joke with us.  We have seen so many "knock offs".  Some good, some not so good.  We traveled to China several years ago.  Land of the "knock offs".  Even among the knock off market, there are different grades.  The better the copy, the more expensive.  We were in New York and saw a "Valentino bag".  It was $400!  That's a lot for a copy!

So imagine the laugh I had when my daughter looked at my dress and said "cheap copy".  Yes, it looks kind of like a cheap copy.  Upsetting really, given the hours that have gone into it.  But I will forge on.

What you are looking at:  The underskirt with baste thread marking the layers/rows.  The individual rows that will need to applied around the skirt in a fishscale type manner/pattern.  The individual rows have special glitter applied to them (A real pain).  Each row is also scalloped/pinked on the edge.


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