Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jump to Jeans! I'm Finally posting.

I know I keep jumping around.  I hope this keeps it interesting.  I read a doll artist's blog recently and she said something to the effect that she did best when she worked on several projects at once.  (I'm no doll artist, actually I'm no artist).  I consider myself somewhat of a crafter that is without any real skill.  I try things out.  I'm usually not 100% pleased with them, but I guess that's what makes them unique to me.

Well, when I went to DOA for the stockings tutorial, I stumbled upon this jeans tutorial.  It was posted by RagDoll.  Whoa.  Very talented.  I just couldn't get it out of my mind.  It looked simple enough.  Then I started seeing jeans everywhere.  I went to the mimi woo site, looking for shoes -- found jeans.  Ahhh!!  At first, I thought I won't need jeans for my doll.  But jeans are an intricate part of our current wardrobe timeline.  I don't think there is a woman out there that doesn't own a pair.  Secondly, I'm writing a back story for Agnes.  (I never thought I would, but never say never.) so there are outfits that I want to photograph her in that coincide with the backstory. (Note to self: need to learn how to photograph dolls).

The tutorial was VERY easy to follow (many thanks to "Ragdoll" for posting that fabulous tutorial).  I'm happy with the way they turned out.  I would consider Agnes as "hard to fit" -- she has a small waist, larger hips and her thighs needed to be reckoned with.  I remember thinking pants -- not going to be good.  They fit great.   I wanted them to have a narrower leg, but I was concerned about getting her feet in them.  Here she is with her McQueen hair!


  1. Hello! I am actually ragdoll from DoA (or amber will do XD). Firstly, thank you so much for your kind words about my tutorial; I must say your jeans came out fabulously. Please feel free to post the tutorial as you would like (so long as my name stays attached, I do not mind in the leastest) So link, copy/paste, repost, etc your heart away (which goes for all my tutorials on DoA).

    While here, I took the freedom to look around your blog. Firstly, I love the idea behind this project and am very excited to see how it progresses. Secondly, your girl is stunning. I love her face structure (and her odd toes). I noticed you live in Florida-- may I ask where? I am also a Florida resident (Orlando, in the Winter Park area).

  2. Thank you Amber. I love this doll also. She is really special to me. Your tutorial was great. I'm going to try to make another pair of pants I loved it so much. I'm in South Florida (north of Ft. Lauderdale).