Monday, July 25, 2011

Sock it to me!

So, never one to waste, I made some thigh high stockings from the left over sock used to make the knit dress.  I've made two pairs of stockings so far, one pair of beige fishnet like hose from the fabric I used for the underwear set, and this pair.   I'm thinking of making some socks also or maybe some pantyhose.  If I can keep the stockings up, I probably won't struggle with pantyhose.  I think Agnes' feet are too wide for traditional Barbie pantyhose.  She's not tall enough for Tyler or Gene hose.  I put some Gene pantyhose on her yesterday to take a look at the structure.    I was making the stockings from trial and error (trust me I had several error).  Back to DOA.  There's a tutorial there for stockings.  (I credit MissCarrion here.  Thank you for the tutorial.  A real time saver).  From now on, before I try to suffer through any project, I'm going to research it there!

Here's Agnes sporting her thigh highs!

Because of the fabric, these are very thick tights!

These are fishnet like: (although you can't tell from my crappy photography).


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