Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If the shoe doesn't fit...

To quote Gloria Steinem:  "If the shoe doesn't fit, must we change the foot?".  Let me start by saying, I love this doll.  I love everything about her.  That been said, she does have quirky feet.  As I look at them, I'm in awe over the beauty of those tiny toes.  Very natural, definitely not fashion doll like feet.  (I like to call them her "hillbilly toes") -- they make her unique and interesting.  Of course they don't make her a candidate for store bought shoes.  Perhaps this is what everyone's toes should look like (if we didn't spend years cramming our feet into shapes that were maybe never meant to be).  :)

I love shoes.  Especially doll shoes -- so cute.  I have quite a collection of shoes.  I took out my plethora of shoes in a Cinderella like escapade, attempting to try on a host of options.  None fit her.  Now comes my dilemma.  Should I buy giant shoes and stuff the toes (to account for the width)? -- should I learn to make shoes?  Is there a doll out there with similarly sized feet?  All questions I've asked myself and I guess I'm going to have to explore my options.  I wish I could find a custom designer.  The world lost one of the great doll shoe designers when they lost Joe Tai.  I had followed his work for many years, I was so sad to hear of his passing.

The shoe really does complete the outfit.  So, I'm on my quest for shoes that fit Agnes' foot.


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