Thursday, July 7, 2011

Size Matters!

The clothes from Canada!  First let me say, I love the styles and the clothes.  The pieces are lined, the edges finished,  and are well stitched (makes me jealous really).  I found them on the internet (I think through a Flickr post) -- for those of you that have dolls that will fit Barbie like fashions -- this place is a must.  (I don't have any affiliation with them -- I'm just a customer) -- Gorgeous stuff.  My photos don't do justice (no surprise there).  The address is

Which brings me to the title of this post.  Size matters and in a strange way, I'm glad that Barbie clothing doesn't fit my sweet PaperWhite.  (Notice no photos of my PaperWhite in this clothing). But you will see the Barbie pictured (hopefully in my Diorama scene "to be").  This Barbie has something in common with my PaperWhite, they are both porcelain!! Yep.  Looks like I will have to either make or alter clothes.  (I was hoping to have some unusual "readymade" fashions).  No RTW for this girl.  RTW=Ready to Wear.


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