Saturday, July 16, 2011

Purchased clothing --take two

Yesterday I bought Agnes a robe and a Grecian costume.  Both are for Barbie, but with some alteration I think they will fit just fine.  I was reading yesterday, each body is different that is why when we buy ready made clothing some times it fits nicely, sometimes not.  The same is true about doll clothing.  Some of the newer Barbie dolls have different dimensions than the traditional one (a little more hip room and a little less in the chest area).

Here's the front and back of robe:

I purchased the Grecian costume because of the packaging.  I bought it in a closeout store; it was obviously packaged for the european market.  The price was printed on the packing card in british pounds.  It is unusual as it has rather large buttons on the shoulders.  It looks "mommy made".

Should add a disclaimer:  I'm not affiliated with Barbie or Mattel in any way.


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