Friday, July 29, 2011

Crazy wigs!

When I started this wig my oldest daughter said:  that's just batting wrapped around her head.

Well, yes.  That is how it started.

It actually started as a cloth wrapped wire made into a "halo".  It then looked like this: (Hence the reference to just wrapping batting around Agnes' head)

 Onto the halo, I then stitched the batting.  Stitched the back and sewed the top together in an inverted gather.  Again, I liked this look and was tempted to use this as a whacky runway hat or prop.

It fits very nicely on Agnes head.  It looks like it was made for her (because it was).

So this is the "form".  I started off thinking of making a Marie Antoinette type wig.  Now I'm thinking of something crazy.  I thought silver curly cues or perhaps gold.  I can't get "a fix" on what I want to do, so I'm temporarily abandoning this wig.  (Not to worry, it will resurface).  I consider it on hold.

NOW, on to this:

I always wanted to make something Alexander McQueen like.   About a year ago, I was on a forum that asked about hair styles.  I showed the style from an Alexander McQueen show.  I think it was outrageous for most of those forum goers.  :)   I started off with this.

I think Agnes feels Rapunzel's pain:

Of course I didn't need all that mohair, but it was fun.  Here's a close up of the wig cap (not yet cut) but formed, some mohair draped over to make sure the top will be covered, a wire to enable the updo part of this.  Lots of glue :)

This is after the formation of the "horns".  I've stitched the center part.  The braid will be stitched over the part (obscuring it from view).

Another view:

 I then stitched all the way around the wig cap to hide the wire:  I had to wait to get thread that matches the hair as it may show.

From the other side:

This is the look I'm going for:  (ala Alexander McQueen)

I think the color and mood are spot on.

More to come on these crazy wigs.  I enjoy them.  I'm braiding mohair as we speak (theoretically).
The stuff I use is called natural roving (hopefully, that means something to crafters out there).   I start out with a pretty big hank of it.  The pencil it there to show scale.

Then, I separate out what seems to be a relatively fat section of it.

Note its width compared to the pencil.

Then, I tape it to my counter and braid it very tightly.  It is the tightest that my not so nimble fingers can manage.  It loosens over time.

Then I use simple thread to just tie it off.

As you can see, it is now skinnier than the pencil.

This braid will surface in yet another project.  Stay tuned.


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