Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Black and white -- dress

Here is the final rendition

Here's a closer look

After I took a look at the close-up, I realized the waist was "off".  I took out the zipper and started again.  Here is the final.  Agnes is showing off the lovely zipper pull.

Here was the inspiration:

WHDD:  Would Have Done Differently:

My what I would do differently (next time)  If there were a next time:
I would note that the stripes did not align on the original. (drove myself crazy trying to align)
I would have used a white lycra instead of a flesh tone on the bodice
I wouldn't have gathered the bodice quite as much.
Would have used thinner strips of black tulle and used one more to make 5.  Honestly, the tulle was probably one of the hardest parts.


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