Friday, July 22, 2011

Wigged out!

I love the wig Agnes came with.  But as with everything, variety is the spice of life.  What a sweet tiny head she has.  What type of wig would I want for her if I could have any wig in the world.  One of my personal favorites is the tibetan lambs wool on skin wig.  I think because they remind me of the antique french ones used all those years ago.  I've been trying to contact Anji of Anjiswigs.  I had a wig from her some years back and I just love it.  It is a really big size 6-7 or I'd grab it for this doll.

I think I'm going to attempt to make some wigs for this doll.  In the past,  I've even made a really interesting wig for an antique doll that I have (It's hard to find antique wigs or replacements suitable for antiques).  I saw some wool roving at a closeout store, so I bought it.   I also bought some pliver (?sp sheep skin).  I even saw some interesting goat hair, but it is out of stock.  I have seen some great wig making tutorials.

First things first.  I need to make a wig cap.  I've used muslin in the past.  There are knit ones you can buy, they are stretchy and look sort of like a mesh.  I did (buy some) -- but they are too large for this doll.  I remember reading somewhere (can't remember where) to use pliver -- I'm trying that.  The only thing is that with all natural materials (muslin included, they do degrade over time).

I hated "bagging" Agnes' head. But,  I couldn't risk the moisture from the damp pliver getting into her  head.  This I call the Lawrence of Arabia look.

Once the pliver dries, I will cut away the excess and mark up the hair lines.  I'm not sure if I can use Human hair with this... Hmmm... I have to think about this.

Here's my human hair attempt.  (in progress).  You are looking at Agnes with a pliver wig cap and the first hair sewn on.  The hair is a beautiful strawberry blonde.  The lighting doesn't capture the color.

Here's Agnes with her human hair super long wig.

I think I would like to make the same wig, but trim it just below shoulder.  Right now, this one is a wrangly mess.  Almost fairy like.  I like that; so I'll keep this one long.

Here she is... Miss America :)

Here it is from the back:


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