Friday, July 15, 2011


Now that I finished the first dress.  I've decided to move on to another.  This will be trickier as I don't have a pattern.  (This could be a disaster.).  Other than for Bleuette, whom I've sewn for without pattern, I don't think I've ever sewn without a pattern for a doll.

I'm still waiting for the second order of silk, so I'm moving on.  Here's the next dress:  I've laid out the fabric for the copy of the Betsy Johnson dress.

Tulle is a nightmare for me, so I'm using a rotary cutter.  I cut away the zipper pull and added a loop.  After looking at it I realize I need to add some links to have it fall lower.

Last night, instead of working on the dress, I was on line. I found the most amazing tutorial on the DOA site.  It shows how to make basic pattern pieces.  I love that forum.  There is an incredible wealth of knowledge there and people are willing to share.  In order to make the pattern pieces, I have to find and purchase a french curve.  Hmmm.  I've never come across one of those (not that I've looked for one).  This will be a steep learning curve for me, but it's worth the effort.

Of course my head is spinning.  I saw another dress on the cover of an old Nordstrom catalog,  I want to make one for Agnes.

It appears to be a knit lace and I can think of just the fabric (if I can find it).

There are not enough hours in the day.  I wish I could work on Dolly things all day.


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