Thursday, March 29, 2012

while searching.... I found the perfect fabric....

I was looking through all my fabrics to find the sequined yellow mesh so I could make a detachable bustle--

I came across this fabric... It reminded me on the "design" I sketched out for the sports challenge (basketball couture) -- this would be the skirt -- representing the net.

I remember thinking, you would never find the right material for that.  Here it was in my stash (my stash is pretty big) -- I mostly buy unusual -- if I've never seen any thing like it before -- I have to have it.

Anyway, this would have made the perfect skirt (I may have to make it for fun) --

I buy fabric and then find something to make from it.  Most people have some thing in mind and go looking to find "the perfect fabric". 

**   Post script.  Bad day!  My mom went to the ER tonight.  Makes me realize how insignificant dolls/costuming really is :(  

I have tomorrow's post all ready... My blog may be slow for a while...


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