Friday, March 30, 2012

Super Baste... Yeah Nicki Minaj spin off...

I kept having that song play in my head (I have teenagers) -- I was thinking of a title for today's blog post -- viola.  I know it is Super Base...

I wanted to show some of the "work" on the coral dress.

The underside of the hem.  I used coral thread.  If you look along the top fold, you can see the hem.  The white baste thread.

The display side, you can see where I "picked up" the fabric.

It needs ironing.

The collar has 4 tuck/pleats and is finished in a straight stitch.

You can see the baste thread..  I've removed the baste thread from the tucks.

Here's a look at the other side:

This will be all hand stitched, I am moving on to the seems next...  Hand stitching (my favorite...) -- this is going to take forever.  See the weirdness of my stitches.  I take my time, it's just that I'm not neat with stitching.  Practice, practice, practice.

I've basted the rear seam.  I just need to sew that.  I've also used a baste thread to gather the waist.  I'm still thinking about the bodice -- I'm thinking mesh?? or something super sheer.  I have to make a trip to my less than ideal fabric store... I have to keep an eye out, maybe I'll find something.

** Funny how life is, I had written this post as I needed to take photos during the daylight (It is dark here when I post in the mornings -- so many times I had to either use a flash or take the photos in the evening before it gets dark).   Florida is funny that way it doesn't get light until about 7:10 am -- then it doesn't get dark until about the same time in the evening...  I couldn't reach my sister last night, she was at the ER with mom so she probably had to turn off her phone.  Hospitals in Florida take hours.  My phone went dead...  I found myself checking my emails this morning and going of all places to Flickr???  Check out the new Immortal Classique doll Red Riding Hood -- AMAZING costuming.  


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