Thursday, March 22, 2012

I found just the material for my "Coral" dress.

I may make 2 -- one white and one coral as I can't decide.

I think I'm going to need more.  I only got a 1/2 yard....  Back to the store.

I started by drawing (free hand with fabric marker) what I thought coral branches should look like.

I cut the skirt and the collar then drew on them.

This is another super labor intensive project (don't expect to see it finished any time soon) -- It's in the making and when I get some progress, I'll post.

The color looks red, it's not.  Probably the flash.  I'm writing this late and there's no sun...  

I'm thinking white embroidery thread, or maybe silver and beads.   I guess I could just use beads and make it all beads...  I think some "structure" would probably look better.  The material is very thin, similar to a voile??  It's thicker than voile, looks almost dupioni-like in that there are threads visible at different thicknesses.  Weird fabric.

I remember reading about a house in Paris that did most, if not all, of the hand embroidery that is done on couture clothing.  It started with an L??  (maybe) -- I think it was W magazine that had the article about it -- years ago.  It showed all these older women sitting around and all working on one garment -- wish I knew someone who could/would do all this embroidery that I'd like to have ;)

I feel more inspired.  

(I know I'm not in the league with the professionals).  All these things inspire me nonetheless.  I saw the CDDC challenge for #3 today.  Wow.  I can't believe the outfits.  I must also mention that Immortal Classique is releasing a new doll -- I saw the pictures.  AMAZING!  The cloak is unbelievable.  The headpiece -- really a masterpiece.  Terri Abel's kimono for her new series of dolls -- also so labor intensive -- just gorgeous.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her new doll.   Check it out.

Adriana is an immortal classique and Agnes is a Terri Abel doll (PaperWhite).

I've been saving since November for another doll and every time I'm about to have enough money, it seems like another "comes on the market" -- Ahhhhhhhh!!!  An Enchanted doll is up for sale.... on the secondary market.   I'm not so sure I still want one.   I really wanted one -- I was on the waiting list for, gosh, I think a couple years.  Then the wait list turned into a wish list as the artist isn't making nudes to order any more -- I figure I can't go on wishing and waiting.   

I'm happy with the dolls I have so far and have to concentrate on wardrobe.  When I'm able, I'll add may be one or two dolls.  I think I should sell or trade my resin dolls.  I got those before Agnes, and well although Narae is a nice enough doll, as is JamieShow, Gene, Tyler, Madame Alex's Alex...  See where this is going.  Perhaps it's time to make room by clearing some of the others out.


  1. I saw not mamny people make doll dresses play their dolls and make so many costumes and props just like you. You designed the dresses, make it happened. You have many dolls and you spend so much time with them:-) That's an amazing thing about you and the thing you love:-)

  2. Thanks Nune. I wish I had more time... Whatever time I have free, I use to make stuff. Mine has been a very unusual life :).