Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Progress, thus far...Finished painting... I think

Coral dress:  Finished painting the skirt and the collar.  I have to think about the bodice.

Orange dress:  I'm super frustrated.  I lost the beads and the thread to my orange dress.  I went out and bought new thread... Now that one is gone???????  What is going on.  So tired of it.  I went to 4 stores on Friday trying to get the thread and the beads.  NO LUCK with the beads, can't find them... Ughhh.

(Hey, I found my beads -- the ones in my house, so I'm back on this one :))

Peacock dress:  Only in developing stages.  I have the materials and the drawings, not motivated (yet).

Yellow sequin/beaded dress -- still working on the beading.  There's a lot of beading.  I beaded forever  (Can hardly see the progress).

Pink Petal dress:  I think the petal portion is mostly done, deciding on the bodice.  Here's what I have so far.  Love the back...

And the back....

I always think: no matter how bad my photos are, I always like to see what is going on -- would rather have a bad photo than no photo ;)

And for bad photos with a mystery....

I bought these.  They are from... (can't think of the name -- german company)

Now, it's bugging me.  It is from Gutermann.  Any idea what they are??  They are some sort of plastic (I suppose) -- they are pressed so they have ridges...

They are some sort of scallop shell bead/sequin.  There is an iridescent coating on them.  Very interesting...  I have another idea with real sea shells that I have collected that have holes in them. -- I want to use them like danglies.  

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  1. OOoooh! You are just so good! I love the sea shell idea!